Provable Markets believes a fair and equitable market structure is supported by strong and pragmatic regulatory regime. In an effort to assist, PML provides public comment where applicable to regulatory proposals and existing policy:

January 7, 2022: PML comments on SEC Rule 10c-1 on Reporting of Securities Loans (S7-18-21)

September 30, 2021: PML comments on FINRA Short Interest Reporting Enhancement and Other Changes Related to Short Sale Reporting (Regulatory Notice 21-19)

June 7, 2021: PML Comments on Proposed Rule Change to Security-Based Swaps (SR-FINRA-2021-008)


To support its efforts in fundamentally growing markets through fairness, PML will provide thought pieces, commentary, and white papers to encourage and spark collaborative thought among all participants.

Provable Markets LLC is a Member of FINRA and SIPC. Aurora is registered as an ATS with the SEC.